Wednesday night on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," host Jimmy Fallon took a request from the Suggestion Box that he attempt to predict the winner of this Sunday's Super Bowl game using a rather novel method.

"Hey, Jimmy," wrote viewer Ed Thompson. "Do you think you can predict who will win the Super Bowl, and can you do it using puppies?"

Fallon and his production staff were more than happy to oblige.

"Let's head over to our Puppy Predictor, shall we?" the host said.

"Right here are two bowls of food," he explained, "one marked Ravens, the other marked 49ers, and behind this wall are five puppies."

Whichever bowl attracted the most puppies would represent the winning team on Sunday, so, if you're a betting person who believes in puppy prognostication power, watch the video and place your bets on the Baltimore Ravens.

Watch the video, embedded below via YouTube: