A group of about 100 residents from Newtown, Connecticut were among the thousands who took part in a march for stricter gun regulations in Washington D.C. on Saturday.

WJLA-TV reported that about 3,000 people were part of the march from the Capitol to the Washington Monument, which also attracted both gun control advocates and survivors of gun violence.

"We've had Virginia Tech, we've had Newtown, we've had Columbine," one protester told the station. "When is it going to end?"

According to ABC News, demonstrators expressed their support for President Barack Obama's 23 executive orders seeking to curb gun violence; several people held up signs echoing some of Obama's new measures, including universal background checks for prospective gun owners and a ban on high-capacity gun magazines.

Others, like Stacey McCoy Blinn, brought signs bearing the names or pictures of the victims of the mass shooting last month at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

"If it can happen in Newtown, it can happen in any town, in any city, in any state, until they make these federal laws," she told KYW-TV. Blinn brought a sign with a picture of Chase Kowalski, one of the children killed in the Dec. 14 attack, with the question, "What if he was your baby?" written on top.

The event's organizer, Shannon Watts, also founded an advocacy group, One Million Moms for Gun Control, in the wake of the shooting.

"Let's stand together and use our voices," she said at the demonstration. "Use our votes to let legislators know that we won't stand down until they enact common sense gun control laws that will keep our children out of the line of fire."

Watch KYW's report on the march, aired Saturday, below.