A small town in Utah is responding to the recent mass shooting of 20 children in Connecticut by pushing through a resolution that calls for every home to have a gun, and the town wants to provide free concealed carry training for all elementary school teachers.

"The first recommendation was that we require, or we recommend, every household have a gun and be properly trained to use it," Spring City Councilman Neil Sorensen, who authored the resolution, told KSL on Monday.

But some residents -- including the Sanpete County sheriff -- were a little uncomfortable with requiring all residents to be armed so Sorensen agreed to dial back the resolution.

City officials are hoping to quickly get the ordinance onto the city books. Little resistance is expected at a public hearing next month.

"Law enforcement, that's a big expense for us," resident David Sedlak explained. "So if we can do our part, then it will be a better place."

Resident Michelle Chandler said she was "very impressed" that that the City Council "had the foresight to recommend" such the resolution.

Sorensen recalled that he had the idea of arming teachers after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month. Spring City will be sponsoring concealed carry permit training courses for each elementary school teacher in the town on Friday.

"I think if they would have had guns in there and the teacher would have had a gun, they wouldn't have killed so many kids," he insisted.

"I would like to see the people have guns to protect themselves, be trained and qualified," the councilman added. "I just feel it's a step in the right direction."

The city of Kennesaw, Georgia claims that crime rates there dropped after a 1982 law required "every head of household to maintain a firearm together with ammunition."

Watch this video from KSL, broadcast Jan. 7, 2013.

(h/t: Think Progress)