and Prison Planet pundit Alex Jones, host of the Internet-only radio show, "The Alex Jones Show," went on another unhinged rant while appearing Friday on "HuffPost Live." He shouted, "You're in danger! You're in danger!" at host Alicia Menendez while ranting about fluoride in the nation's drinking water and, of course, Hitler.

For most of the appearance, Jones was decidedly more low-key than in his now-infamous wild-eyed, faux British accent sporting dust-up with CNN's Piers Morgan and its paranoid follow-up, the video he later shot in his hotel room warning darkly that he may be "killed by crackheads" who work for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

It wasn't until the end of the segment, just as the camera was about to turn away, that Jones let fly with a spittle-flecked rant that combined mangled quotes from the character Howard Beale's famous rant from the movie "Network" and a rant about fluoride in the water straight from the 1964 dark comedy film "Dr. Strangelove."

"They've got poison in the water! Poison in the water!" he bellowed. "This is a normal response to this! This is how they should have responded to Hitler! You're in danger! You're in danger! You're in danger, everybody watching! They control both parties! You're in danger! Wake up! Get out of your trance! They should have resisted Hitler like this!"

Watch the video, embedded via Huffington Post, below: