A pediatric cardiologist in Arizona apologized Wednesday for mocking a Denver Post reporter who lost a friend in the movie theater mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado. According to Denver's Channel 9 News, Dr. Scott Schnee of Banner Health Care in Phoenix has apologized for offensive remarks he made via his Twitter account toward Post sportswriter Adrian Dater and has since disabled his account.

Responding to something Dater wrote in his column about the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team, Schnee tweeted under his Twitter name Baby Doc Scott, "Go catch a movie in Aurora. Join Jessica for all I care."

"Jessica" refers to Jessica Ghawi, a journalist and friend of Dater's who died along with 11 others in the movie theater shooting that took place on July 20, 2012 at a midnight showing of the film "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colorado.

Jessica Ghawi's mother tweeted at Schnee, "Does he know Jessie had a heart condition? Doctor, I would suggest you heal yours."

9 News reported that Banner Health has issued a statement that it will not comment publicly on employee matters, the organization supports Schnee's apology, which it reprinted.

"Mr. Dater," wrote Schnee, "Last night I tweeted unconscionable statements to you for which I owe an apology not only to you but to anyone who has read these tweets via subsequent news coverage or in numerous social media channels. I am especially sorry to those whose loved ones or friends were victims in the horrible massacre in the Aurora theater. I can offer no excuse. I can only express my sincerest and heart-felt apologies for my poor judgment that has offended so many. Sincerely, Scott Schnee."

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