Christian radio host Mat Staver compared President Barack Obama's policies on reproductive rights to the gunman who attacked the offices of a conservative lobbying group.

"It's not different than the [Floyd Lee] Corkins guy who went into the Family Research Council, who wanted to kill people who believed in marriage and morality, who didn't believe that homosexuality was right, who wanted to rub Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in your face," Staver said on Tuesday, referring to the man who pled guilty on Feb. 6 to charges of shooting a security guard in August 2012. "This administration is rubbing the aborted babies in the face of every single American and every religious employer."

According to Right Wing Watch, Staver's complaint centered on new federal guidelines allowing businesses with religious ties to opt out of contraception coverage so long as the insurance company or a third-party provider ensures access, which Staver blamed on a "pro-abortion ideology" the administration was implementing across the board.

"What we see happening from this Obama administration is a radical commitment to death, to abortion" Staver told co-host Matt Barber.

Corkins said in court that he wanted to use the sandwiches as a protest against both the Council's position against LGBT equality and Chick-fil-A head Dan Cathy's donating company profits toward like-minded groups.

Watch Staver complain about the new contraception guidelines, posted online Tuesday by Right Wing Watch, below.