Conservative pundit Ann Coulter on Thursday insulted a group of student libertarians by calling them "pussies" for pushing for drug legalization and then found herself being booed when she insisted that LGBT people should only marry members of the opposite sex.

Fox Business host John Stossel on Thursday aired Coulter's attempt to antagonize a crowd of about 1,400 libertarians at the recent International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C.

During the event, Stossel asked the conservative columnist if she agreed that "the drug war is a failure, get rid of it."

"You libertarians and pot!" Coulter exclaimed. "Look, this is why people think libertarians are pussies. We’re living in a country that is 70 percent socialist, the government takes 60 percent of your money... And you want to suck up to your little liberal friends and say, ‘Oh, but we want to legalize pot.’"

"You know, if you’re a little more manly you would tell them what your position on employment discrimination is," she continued. "How about that? But it’s always ‘We want to legalize pot.’”

"Why can't gays get married like straights do?" Stossel pressed.

"Well, they can," Coulter quipped. "They have to marry a member of the opposite sex."

That response was met with boos and groans from the libertarian students.

"This is another one where you're just sucking up to liberals," Coulter insisted. "Liberals want to destroy the family so that you will have one loyalty, and that is to the government."

Watch this video from Fox Business via Mediaite, broadcast Feb. 21, 2013.