Advertising executive Donny Deutsch on Monday ripped First Lady Michelle Obama for making an unexpected appearance at the 85th Academy Awards.

"This is not a horrible crime in the scheme of things, but as far as I'm concerned she was an uninvited guest," he told CNN's Piers Morgan.

Deutsch explained that viewers of the Oscars were expecting to watch movie stars and the intrusion of a political figure into this celebration of entertainment was disrespectful.

"That was an intrusion and I have a feeling three out of four Americans -- forget politics, Democrat or Republican -- don't want to see the First Lady at that point," he continued. "So that's where I think she missed. And also, on top of that, the tone of it -- it was almost a monarch quality, she was sitting there, there was an elitist flavor to it."

The First Lady appeared on a live satellite feed to announce Argo as the winner of the Best Picture winner category.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by CNN, below: