The director of issues analysis of the fundamentalist American Family Association (AFA) is instructing his followers that Jesus wants them to pray for President Barack Obama because he is the "enemy."

During the Monday broadcast of AFA's Focal Point radio show, Bryan Fischer told a story about a woman who had been praying for 18 years that an abortion clinic in Mississippi would be closed. And thanks to a law that requires abortion doctors to have “admission privileges” at a local hospital, this last clinic in the state could be closing in the coming weeks.

Fischer pointed out that prayer may not make work immediately, but Christians should be persistent.

"One of the reason that I pray for President Obama -- and virtually every day pray for him by name -- is that Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies and for those that persecute us," the conservative radio host opined.

"We should be under no illusions here. President Obama is not our friend, President Obama is our enemy. He is seeking to restrict religious liberty. He wants to confine the First Amendment free exercise of religion clause to one hour a week."

"So why do we pray for him?" Fischer asked in conclusion. "And it's genuine, I pray for him, it's genuine. It's not pro forma prayer. I pray for him as genuinely as I pray for anyone else because Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies."

Watch this video from AFA's Focal Point via Right Wing Watch, broadcast Feb. 18, 2013.