Four people were arrest during a protest of San Francisco's nudity ban, which was passed late last year and went into effect on Feb. 1, reported the Associated Press.

"No matter what, we're going to continue practicing body freedom, we're not going to go away," protestor Gypsy Taub told the AP. "But in a society that's repressed and crazy, and glorifies war and at the same time criminalizes the human body, in a society like that, nudity is a political statement. Why are they throwing us in jail if it's not a political statement? What are they so worried about?"

Two days ago, a court upheld the ban, explaining that it did not violate the First Amendment: "In spite of what plaintiffs argue, nudity in and of itself is not inherently expressive."

"We're not here to arrest and cite people if we don't have to," police officer Albie Esparza told the AP, "but if we have to, we will."

The officer claimed the city had received "a lot of complaints" which led the city to pass a nudity ban.

Watch the video, via the AP, below.