World Wresting Entertainment invited Glenn Beck onto the program Raw after the conservative radio host criticized the organization for creating characters that appear to be caricatures of anti-immigrant tea party conservatives.

In response to the WWE's invitation, Beck tweeted on Friday evening, "Unfortunately I am currently booked doing anything else."

In their YouTube video directed at Beck, characters Zebediah Colter and Jack Swagger begin with a promo in character -- calling themselves "real Americans," saying people in this country should only speak English, and claiming that Swagger's defeat of character Alberto Del Rio, another wrestler, will "begin to set things right."

Then, breaking out of his Colter character, Wayne Keown said, "We are in the entertainment business. Everything we do as our characters is designed to tell stories. Right now the story we're telling is that Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger are using the current, relevant, and topical story of immigration to target the WWE world champion Alberto Del Rio. Also a character played my my friend Jose Rodriguez. In our story, we are the antagonists, and Alberto is the protagonist."

"Glenn Beck, you recently referred to WWE as 'stupid wresting people,'" he continued, going on to say that Beck was therefore calling 14 million viewers stupid.

He also noted that 20 percent of WWE's audience was Hispanic.

On Feb. 11, WWE re-introduced the character Jack Swagger, a wrestler, as well as his manager Zebediah Colter. The anti-immigrant characters, who have repeatedly said that they are "real Americans," are purportedly modeled on tea partiers, according to the Atlantic Wire. WWE announcers at one point also said the characters receive fan mail from Beck as well as Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh, further driving home the tea party connection.

Swagger is poised to "fight" the character Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania, setting up a battle royale of sorts.

Glenn Beck was none too pleased with the creation of the characters and referred to them as "stupid wrestling people" recently.

Watch the video below.