During his keynote speech at the Republican Party of Iowa's Celebrate Life event on Saturday, Fox News host Mike Huckabee compared abortion in the United States to the systematic elimination of the Jewish population by the Nazis.

Huckabee recalled that Oskar Schindler, a Nazi businessman, saved roughly 1,200 Jews from the Holocaust by employing them in his factories. The former Arkansas governor said the country could use a few more people like Schindler who were willing to "intervene on behalf of human life."

"And now we are called into this incredible Holocaust of our own in America," Huckabee continued. "Fifty-five million babies. Fifty-five million babies since 1973 have died in what ought to be the safest place in the world, their mother's womb. It has become one of the most dangerous places for a baby to be. For us, this is not about the politics of Democrat or Republican, winning or losing -- it is about our capacity to one day stand before a holy God and give an account for whether we stood between life and death for those who had no voice but ours."

Huckabee said those who believed in "abortion on demand" thought human life was expendable if it was inconvenient.

"Here is what we've told the generation coming after us, the generation of my children and now my grandchildren," Huckabee warned. "We've told them that if they were expendable at that end of the spectrum of life, because they just were going to be too expensive or because they represented for us having to mess up our calendars, then we have now told them that at the other end of the spectrum of life when they become our caretakers, we've already given them permission -- in fact we have given them full rights -- to end our lives."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by The Iowa Republican, below:

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[Image via Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons licensed]