If you thought that the tingling feeling, or "spider-sense," that alerts Spiderman to threats was confined to the realm of comics, you might want to check out a new suit being created by a scientist in Chicago.

The suit exerts pressure on the individual, to alert him or her to an approaching object or person, reported the New Scientist.

The suit, called SpiderSense, is equipped with "small robotic arms," according to the website, and offers almost 360 degrees of awareness.

A test conducted on college students wearing the suit -- who were given cardboard stars to throw at people approaching them -- found that 95 percent of the time, "they were able to sense someone approaching and throw the star at them," said Victor Mateevitsi, the scientist from the University of Chicago, who developed the suit.

Mateevitsi said the technology could be helpful to the visually impaired or bicyclists on the road. One MIT scientist said it was a step on the way to providing people with integrated extrasensory perception.

[Image: Spiderman via Shutterstock]