A Republican state representative in Texas is calling to cut the number of hours of training required to obtain a concealed-carry permit by more than half, but shooting instructors say that the proposal would create a public safety hazard.

State Rep. Dan Flynn (R) recently introduced House Bill 47, which would reduce class hours from 10 hours to four, and remove the requirement for instruction on handgun "proficiency."

The lawmaker told WFAA on Tuesday that the proposal would eliminate some of the hassle for the record number of Texans now trying to acquire permission to conceal a weapon.

"You spend a lot of time taking breaks, you spend a lot of time hearing stories," he explained. "A lot of people who want to get their license, they have to take a day off of work or they have to take a whole Saturday to go do this, when four hours, range time, you can do the same thing and it accomplishes it."

But Travis and Paul Bond, the owners of DFW Shooters Academy, worried that concealed carry instructors already had a lack of oversight and classes are too rushed.

"There are just some folks who probably shouldn't be training other people," Travis Bond said. “I've seen safety issues, I've seen people cutting classes short... there just needs to be a lot more supervision."

"It takes me four hours just to go through one segment, which is the lawful use of deadly force,” he pointed out. “There's no way you can teach people what they need to know."

The certified instructor, who is a member of the National Rifle Association, warned that Flynn's bill was just an accident waiting to happen

"I'm probably the last person to advocate big government, but we need to do a better job of oversight," Travis Bond observed.

For his part, Flynn said that he already had his concealed carry permit and was prepared to defend himself on the House floor if necessary.

Watch this video from WFAA, broadcast Feb. 26, 2013.