Ann Romney says that she blames the media for her husband's loss in the 2012 presidential election because the "universally felt opinion" is that reporters wanted President Barack Obama to be re-elected.

"I'm happy to blame the media," Ann Romney told Fox News host Chris Wallace in an interview that aired on Sunday.

"Do you think the media was in the tank for Barack Obama?" the Fox News host wondered.

"Anytime you're running for office, you always think you're being portrayed unfairly," Ann Romney explained. "And of course on our side, we believe that there's more bias in favor of the other side. I think that's a pretty universally felt opinion."

She added that the the president had not portrayed her husband, former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, fairly during the campaign.

"He is an exceptional, wonderful person," the former candidate's wife insisted. "He really is a selfless person that really, truly cared about the American people... And for him to be portrayed in a very negative light -- in another way -- was very hard."

"He has enormous skill sets in dealing with difficult issues, and I totally believe at this moment if he were there in the office that we would not be facing sequestration right now."

Watch this video from Fox News' Fox News Sunday, uploaded March 3, 2013.