Bryan Fischer, the director of issues analysis of the fundamentalist American Family Association (AFA), is warning that attending a tea party could be an "excuse" for the government to "vaporize" citizens on U.S. soil.

During his Wednesday Focal Point radio broadcast, Fischer applauded Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) for filibustering the confirmation of John Brennan to be the next CIA director over concerns that President Barack Obama was claiming the authority to assassinate American citizens.

"This is what a tyrant does," the Christian radio host said of Obama. "Tyrants do not want to let people disagree with them, do not want to let them express their opinions if they are critical of the policies of the current regime. That's how tyrants operate, and what Rand Paul is saying is, 'That's the direction we're going here.'"

"Based on the way the administration is crafting their policy here on the use of drones, you've got to be concerned that something you might say at a tea party -- something you might say at a tea party would be used as an excuse to drop a drone or a bomb from a drone -- a missile from a drone on your house."

Fischer added: "And you would not even find out about it until you'd been vaporized."

But in a Thursday speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) lashed out at the paranoia coming from Paul's supporters.

"The chance of you being killed by a drone because you go to a tea party rally or a rally or any other political rally or you're just chatting on the Internet quietly at home by your government through the use of a drone is zero," Graham insisted. "Under this administration and future administrations. And if that day did ever happen, the president of the United States or whoever ordered such an attack would have committed murder and would be tried. I don't worry about that."

Watch this video from the American Family Association's Focal Point, broadcast March 6, 2013.

(h/t: Right Wing Watch)