Famously rambunctious New Jersey governor told a local radio station that he'll spend all day with prince on Garden State tour

Keeping Britain's rambunctious Prince Harry in line is a tough job that the prince's media handlers and protection officers have never quite come to grips with – to the delight of tabloids all over the world.

But as America braces for a royal tour by the famously party-happy prince, there is one larger-than-life figure who – for one day at least – is determined to keep Harry firmly under control. Step forward New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

Christie, famed for his broad girth and blunt style of politics, told a local radio station that he could assure Harry's grandmother – Her Majesty – that he would keep a firm grip on him while he was visiting New Jersey.

"If you trust me, all will be fine … during his entire trip, I will be with Prince Harry," Christie assured one concerned listener who had rung into the show to ask if New Jersey was making any special plans for when Harry visits the state, including touring some of the places devastated by last year's Superstorm Sandy.

Coming from Christie, who takes obvious pride in New Jersey's reputation for working class grit, such words are not to be taken lightly. Christie went on to try and assure any concerns that Queen Elizabeth II might have that the prince – who is third in line to the British throne – would be tempted to repeat the sort of Las Vegas antics last year that saw naked photos of Harry plastered all over the world's newspapers.

"The prince has said he apologizes for his conduct back then. Lots of young people make mistakes,'' he said. "I certainly don't want to get all over the prince. I'm thrilled that he wants to come and see the destruction himself first hand and he wants to be helpful. And I'm going to be spending the entire day with Prince Harry.''

However, Christie's pledge to chaperone Harry safely through the state – which is known for the wild party scene of the reality television show Jersey Shore – might not entirely set the royal household at ease. Harry's trip to the United States will last an entire week from May 9 to May 15 and includes stops in Washington DC, Colorado, New York and Connecticut. While many of the planned events revolve around military issues, or visiting a veterans' hospital, there are also several parties and a polo tournament. Despite Christie's best intentions, there may yet be opportunities for Harry to cause a stir.

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