Current TV host John Fugelsang on Monday painted his face orange to point out the absurdity of House Speaker John Boehner's (R-OH) Sunday interview with NBC's David Gregory.

Fugelsang played the part of a grumpy Boehner, while Mystery Science Theater 3000's Frank Conniff took the role of mocking Gregory's interviewing style.

"Mr. Speaker, I'd like to ask you some very tough questions, followed up by some very limp follow ups," Conniff said as Gregory.

In character as Boehner, Fugelsang asserted that Senate Democrats had not passed plant to avert automatic spending cuts in the so-called sequester, part of a 2011 deal Democrats made with Republicans cut $85 billion and raise the debt ceiling.

"Well, this is where I should bring up that Senate Democrats tried that and got filibustered, but instead, I'm going to ask about revenues," the Gregory character remarked.

"Spending is out of control and I was born in a tavern," Fugelsang quipped. "This president spends like me at Georgetown Applebee's at Happy Hour."

"This is where I'm not going to mention that you raised the debt ceiling seven times for George W. Bush," Conniff noted, lampooning Gregory.

"If you don't change the subject then I'm going to keep saying 'sequester'," Fugelsang grumbled. "If you ask a follow-up question, I'm going to say the word 'Benghazi.'"

"David, haven't you learned by now, you can have information or you have have access," the Current TV host added in his Boehner voice.

"I guess I'll settle for access," Conniff shrugged. "Well, we'll be right be with a look at why both sides are equally to blame for the sequester."

"Good, now go get me a mimosa," Fugelsang concluded.

Watch this video from Current TV, broadcast March 4, 2013.