Housing activists staged a demonstration during a meeting of the House Committee on Housing Finance on Tuesday, disrupting testimony by Ed DeMarco, acting director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

According to C-SPAN, the protesters were members of several advocacy groups, including City Life/Vida Urbana, New Bottom Line, NEW ROAD, and Right to the City. At first, demonstrators stood up one at a time while DeMarco was testifying before the committee before being ordered out by chairman Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX).

After the second protester is ejected, one person can be heard saying, "I thought Barney Frank had retired," a reference to the former Massachusetts congressman, who has accused the housing industry of fostering a climate that led to the country's mortgage crisis.

Shortly after the second ejection, a third person holds up a sign saying, "Dump DeMarco," leading Hensarling to ask Capitol police to escort a group of about 12 demonstrators out of the hearing.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we're not gonna allow you to disturb this hearing as part of the people's House," he said as the demonstrators were led out.

Last year, protesters gathered outside DeMarco's home in Silver Spring, Maryland criticizing his performance.

Watch video of DeMarco's testimony being derailed by protesters, posted on Tuesday, below.