On Wednesday night's episode of "The Ed Show," host Ed Schultz listed off numerous actual instances of Republican-spun voter fraud schemes, mocking the seemingly perpetual paranoia many conservatives have about the community group ACORN, which doesn't even exist anymore.

He instead recalled the executive director of the New Hampshire GOP pleading guilty to conspiring to jam phones during an election in 2002; the 2011 conviction of a Republican campaign manager in Maryland for authorizing misleading robocalls in minority districts on Election Day; and the 2012 conviction of Indiana's Republican secretary of state for voter fraud, among other crimes.

"There's more," Ed said, pointing to the Republican-aligned firm Strategic Allied Consulting's admission that two employees forged voter registration forms in Florida. "The company has been accused of multiple instances of voter fraud in several states since 2004," he added.

"The voter fraud Republicans talk about is imaginary," Ed concluded. "The voter fraud coming from their own party, believe me, it's the real deal."

This video is from "The Ed Show," aired Wednesday, March 6, 2013.

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