Conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck warned viewers of his Internet channel Thursday night that a set of public education standards encouraging math and language development is actually a massive global conspiracy designed to help the Chinese and, somehow, Muslims, take over the United States.

"I believe that you are... then going to be co-ruled by a thugocracy of this part of the world, and I think it's going to be, at least in our case, I think it's going to be China," Beck said as he randomly placed colored dots on a chalkboard with a drawing of a world map. "China will be the balance of our power. They will use Muslam-- Islam, as the real enforcers that they will then help us, and whoever is in power will be ruled by an American. But uh, it will be a technocrat that will answer to China, and they will stomp things out and use Islam as much as they have to to get rid of anybody who's, uh, standing up, I think."

It's all going to happen, Beck said, thanks to a devious indoctrination program operating in America today, by which he means the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCS). "We are, unfortunately, in the end, going to be a third-world state," Beck insisted. "And that's why I think Common Core is here. Because it will train us to be a serf state. It will train us and it will keep us in order, to answer to the Chinese or whoever it is."

The CCS is a set of math and language standards for public school students, designed to put students on the best possible trajectory for acceptance to college and a good paying job in today's most valuable industries, particularly technology. The standards were fashioned by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. And according to Beck, those two organizations have conspired with multinational corporations to sell America out to China and Islam.

Progressive blog Right Wing Watch attempted to dissect Beck's theory even further on Thursday, explaining that he believes CCS is part of a data-intensive project designed to help American businesses pinpoint bright young people and enable their success, which is somehow bad. He's even roped the National Security Agency's big Utah database into his theory as well, saying the plan is to use their high tech center to monitor all students at all times, a la "1984," and determine their whole professional futures by the time they turn 7 years old.

"So when you start hearing others on the Right and GOP members of Congress warning about the dangers posed by Common Core, this is what they are talking about," blogger Kyle Mantyla wrote. "And you can thank Glenn Beck."

This video is from "The Blaze TV," published Thursday, March 28, 2013.


Photo: Screenshot, The Blaze TV.