A Mosinee, Wisconsin woman was arrested Friday after allegedly standing on a street corner in the town of Wausau with no pants after stealing steaks from a nearby grocery store. According to the Wausau Daily Herald, 18-year-old Elizabeth A. Hoen was arrested at around 2:00 p.m. after neighborhood residents reported a woman standing naked from the waist down on the street in front of the former Rose Garden Banquet Center.

Wausau Police Department spokesperson Lt. Michael Juedes said that when police arrived, Hoen had put her pants back on and was in the company of an unidentified man. Both tried to run when they saw the officers. Hoen was caught by the police, but her companion was not.

In her purse, officers found three beefsteaks from nearby Kohlman and Lee’s Grocery. Juedes said that the store's owner confirmed that the merchandise had been stolen and that security camera footage placed Hoen in the store.

Hoen has been charged with shoplifting and resisting arrest. She has been charged twice with retail theft of less than $500, once in December of 2012 and again January of 2013. In January, she was also charged with resisting or obstructing an officer. Her bond hearing is set for April 11.

[photo used by permission of the Marathon County sheriff's office]