Geeks not too keen on basketball can have their own March Madness thanks to Hulu, which is offering the entire Star Trek series free of charge for the rest of the month.

Yes. Every. Single. Episode.

Well, almost every episode, but 693 should be enough to keep one busy for the rest of March. The intergalactic event kicked off on March 22, in honor of William Shatner's birthday. "Resistance is futile," read Hulu's geeky blog post (complete with GIFs!) about the event. "Almost as futile as controlling a population of tribbles."

Not to be outdone by the jocks playing with a giant orange ball, Hulu said "iconic characters will face off in March Madness-style brackets, with Trek fans voting for their favorites."

In other words, shut the blinds, turn off the phone and plan to burn some retinas for the next seven days.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]