National Rifle Association (NRA) chief Wayne LaPierre says that a "good woman with a gun" is the best way to deal with violent rapists.

Speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday, the NRA CEO lashed out at the Obama administration for releasing thousands of undocumented immigrants -- who he called "criminal illegals" -- from detention over concerns about automatic budget cuts caused by Congress' so-called sequestration.

"It's if sanity itself has been sequestered in Washington," he charged, adding that the administration was also failing to prosecute federal firearms violations in President Barack Obama's hometown of Chicago.

"Vice President Biden -- and you heard him say it -- he said, they don't have time to prosecute," LaPierre explained. "But the vice president does have time to offer advice to women threatened by an intruder... The vice president of the United States actually told women facing an attack to just empty their shotguns into the air. Honestly, have they lost their minds over at the White House?"

The gun lobbyist advised Biden to "keep your advice, we'll keep our guns."

LaPierre noted that Colorado state Sen. Jessie Ulibarri (D) last month had argued that people without guns were able to take down the man that shot former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ).

"Congressman Giffords’ life was saved and so many others’ when very valiant folks stood up to defend themselves and protect themselves, and they did it with ballpoint pens," Ulibarri told the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee.

LaPierre also pointed to University of Colorado at Colorado Springs web page that recommended women use "passive resistance" when attacked by a rapist. The school has since said that gun advocates took the page out of context.

"Passive resistance?" LaPierre said. "The one thing a violent rapist deserves to face is a good woman with a gun."

That line was met with loud cheers of approval from the CPAC audience.

"So, you see? They call me crazy. And yet, the people doing the finger pointing are saying things that are absolutely bizarre."

Watch this video from CNN, broadcast March 15, 2013.