MSNBC released a statement Monday defending host Rachel Maddow against accusations she ignored tough questions during a one-hour appearance in an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) thread.

According to Talking Points Memo, network spokesperson Lauren Skowronski said Maddow "addressed a variety of topics from the Reddit community - including the war in Afghanistan, Ron and Rand Paul, government spending, gun regulation, her editorial process, media bias, conflicts within the Democratic party, and partisan gridlock" during the AMA on March 8.

Though Maddow's show posted a transcript of the AMA in a question-and-answer format, Reddit users made their dissatisfaction with her visit known by "up-voting" complaints so that they showed up higher on the thread.

"This AMA is quite disappointing," one user posted. "I had to scroll down half the page before I saw any of her responses and none of the top rated questions got answers. I like Rachel but this is a big bummer."

However, other users defended her appearance.

"Rachel Maddow is [a] Rhodes Scholar with a Ph.D from Oxford," another wrote. "These questions definitely do not 'intimidate' her. She probably just wasn't prepared to spend her entire day in front of her computer, trying to answer conspiracy-esque questions."

Skowronski said Maddow is "looking forward to being on Reddit again."