The New York Times website is undergoing a major overhaul in an effort to become "cleaner" and more engaging, and also to improve the presentation of online ads.

The media group said Tuesday a prototype will become available to a randomly selected group of users who will have the option to utilize it and provide feedback, or opt out.

"The purpose of the prototype experiment is to gain feedback from users about the functionality, design, navigation and overall experience of the planned redesign," a company statement said.

The new prototype offers "a cleaner, more engaging design" as well as "richer integration of photography, video and interactive story elements," the news organization said.

It will also include "more efficient customized navigation for registered users" and a better interface for desktops and tablet computers.

The Times said recently that its revenue from readers and subscribers overtook that of advertising for the first time in 2012.

The company, which is shifting focus from print to digital, began charging for full access to in 2011.