National Rifle Association (NRA) President David Keene on Thursday promised that gun owners would do "whatever's necessary" to "get rid of those in public office" that they viewed as working to erode the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Speaking at a rally of about 7,000 people protesting New York gun laws in Albany, Keene promised that the NRA would "soon have five million members" because of a surge of interest after lawmakers passed laws in response to the shooting of 20 elementary school children in Connecticut.

"Because of the fact that we, as believers in the Second Amendment, are willing to do something that most people in this country are not willing to do, which is not just to stand up for our rights, but to support those people who stand with us and work to get rid of those in public office who do not," the NRA president told the crowd.

"So we're with you," Keene added. "We'll help you defeat the politicians that would deprive you of your rights. We'll help you overcome these statutes in court. We'll do whatever's necessary to make certain the Second Amendment rights that we have had passed down to us are are going to be passed down to future generations."

Earlier this year, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law to expand the state's assault weapons ban, ban high-capacity magazines and address gun ownership by those who have mental illnesses.

But if Thursday's demonstration is any indication, some gun owners in New York are going to go along with the new law quietly.

Chants at the rally in Albany included, "Cuomo's got to go" and "We will not comply."

Watch this video from Terry Paz, uploaded Feb. 28, 2013.