A pastor in Memphis, Tenn., is hoping the Ku Klux Klan would at least wait until after Easter before marching down the street.

According to 14 News, the KKK has plans for an Easter Day rally through a city with one of the largest black populations in the country. And Pastor Daniel Moore, of Overflow Life Church, is reaching out to both the community and members of the KKK, hoping to have the event cancelled. Or at the very least, delayed.

"There's not a great time for a Klan rally but certainly we'd ask that you consider not doing it on Easter," said Moore, who has gotten support not just from the community but the KKK Imperial Wizard with the United Klans of America.

"He opposes this rally as well. He is against it and his organization doesn't support this," said Moore, who added that he wasn't challenging the group's right to demonstrate.

"We understand they have that right but we're asking them to respect the holiness of Easter," he said.

(Image via Flickr)