Looking confused and discouraged on Wednesday's episode of "The 700 Club," televangelist and former Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson agreed with others who say the issue of marriage equality is not actually about marriage, and suggested the whole noise is just LGBT people who want to flaunt "their way of doing sex" in public.

"Marriage, ladies and gentlemen, has been the foundation of our society," he said. "A stable home, a husband, a wife and children. And this has been the foundation of our society since the founding of our great republic. And now it's under attack. A few people want to have their way of doing sex affirmed by everybody else, and they say it's homophobia to believe marriage between a man and a woman is sanctioned by God."

"God is not a homophobe," he insisted. "God is almighty, he's in charge of the world. This is the way he made it. Why? Because this is the way you can have children. Two men do no have children. Two women do not have children. This is a matter of a man and a woman, that's the way God made it."

Unfortunately for Robertson, that's precisely the argument which has drawn the skepticism of Supreme Court justices, and the laughs of Supreme Court audience members, in proceedings taking place this week that could lead to full legalization of same sex marriage.

As Republican talk show host Bill O'Reilly said Tuesday night, opponents of marriage equality like Robertson have not done "anything but thump the Bible," which even he admitted is hardly a compelling argument when it comes to denying a fundamental human right to an entire class of people.

This video was published to YouTube on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, snipped courtesy of Right Wing Watch.