Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts, a progressive Democrat, on Tuesday blasted the Republican's budget proposal, which he said would harm those most in need.

"Once again, Chairman Ryan has proposed a budget that guts low-income programs," he said on the House floor. "The Ryan budget not only does not end hunger now, it actually makes hunger in America worse than it is today."

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has proposed changing the funding structure of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program into a block-grant program, which would require each state to administer the program with a fixed sum of money. The proposal would cut $135 billion from the anti-hunger program.

McGovern noted more than 50 million Americans suffered from food insecurity in 2011, meaning they were unable to purchase enough food at some point. Hunger in America rapidly increased due to the recession, he said.

"Mr. Speaker, cuts like these are not just misguided, they’re cruel. Combined with cuts to other low-income programs that are included in the Ryan Budget, these SNAP cuts will absolutely make hunger in America worse."

"We are a great country, Mr. Speaker," McGovern added. "We are great because we have had a tradition of caring about the most vulnerable among us. Let us not turn our backs on one of our greatest traditions. Let us not turn our backs on the poor."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by Rep. McGovern, below:

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[Photo by Rick Reinhard, Creative Commons licensed]