Three people were arrested and a gunman is still at large after a fight broke out among adults attending a child's birthday party in a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Boynton Beach, Florida. According to Palm Beach, Florida's WPBF, the brawl involved as many as 18 adult men, one of whom shot another man in the leg.

A manager at the restaurant told WPBF that two men exchanged words in the restroom during the party on Saturday. Moments later, up to 18 men where exchanging blows in the restaurant's main dining room in a free-for-all that saw the birthday boy's grandmother thrown to the ground and trampled.

The fight spilled into the street, where a shot was fired and one man was injured in the leg. The gunman fled the scene, but three people were arrested on drug charges, including the mother of the boy in whose honor the birthday had been planned. The three were also charged with defrauding an innkeeper for attempting to leave without paying a nearly $300 tab.

Police said that Briana Walker, Alfred Peoples and Robert Thompson were arrested when they were found to be in possession of Xanax, marijuana, crack cocaine and morphine. According to a manager at the restaurant, a diaper bag was left behind at the scene of the fight containing bottles of Patron tequila and Ciroc vodka.

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