There are those those who believe that there's somebody out there for everybody. Including fans of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, whose specialized dating site for his listeners has gained some public attention little more than a month after opening.

As Uproxx reported on Friday, "Dating Freedom Lovers" offers fans of Jones' InfoWars program the chance to connect with "people that share a passion for liberty and freedom."

"I'm going to school to be a music teacher," one user writes. "Hopefully I'll start a private school someday to compete with the rotting public school system."

Another hopeful romantic tells the site she is looking for a "TALL single male, with Celtic ancestry for life long [sic] relationship."

"Unlike Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, which represent little more than vast snooping databases and NSA fronts, we are committed to preserving your privacy," site administrators wrote in March 2013, adding that they "will never sell your information or divulge any of your details to any third party – government or corporation."

As it happens, Thursday also saw the hashtag #InfoWarsPickUpLines gain traction on Twitter, with users submitting bon mots like, "How about we get illuminaughty and you show me your nude world order?"; "Hey, girl. You look familiar. Have I seen you somewhere before? (Ah yes, at both Newtown and Aurora.)" and "I'd like to shoot all over your grassy knoll, if you know what I mean...."

[Screenshot via HuffPo Live]