In video published online Monday, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain told Colombia Mayor Julio Ceasar Gonzalez that the United States would never legalize drugs.

On CNN's Parts Unknown, the two men were discussing how to reduce violence in the war torn country, where the huge rebel group FARC has been able to sustain itself thanks in part to drug trafficking.

Gonzalez said help from the United States was "important."

"But more important is to end the war on drugs," he added. "It just doesn't work."

Bourdain, who admitted he was a former "crackhead," doubted legalizing drugs would be unproblematic.

"The thing is that people think that if you think that drugs should be legalized you're saying that they're good," Gonzalez responded. "No, we are not saying that. We're just getting rid of one problem... One is drug addiction and the other is drug trafficking. We can get rid of one. We're not going to get rid of the other. You have to deal with it, forever."

Bourdain agreed, but added, "the problem is the United States will never legalize drugs. It will never happen."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by CNN, below: