A child in North Carolina spent part of his Easter Sunday morning protesting outside a Winston-Salem church that has vowed not to host any wedding ceremonies until same sex marriage is legalized.

Kelly Carpenter, the pastor of Green Street United Methodist Church, said last month that no weddings were being scheduled because his congregation was becoming more diverse and the heterosexual members wanted same sex couples to “share a sense of the love that they have found.”

Anti-LGBT activist Brian Cranford, who says that the "Lord has called Me specifically into evangelism Street ministry," on Sunday posted a YouTube video of an unidentified child standing outside Green Street Church and yelling at the congregation as they exited after Easter services.

"You have your chance to repent, to stop your sinning, to quit affirming the gay people!" the kid shouts in the eight-minute video clip. "The Bible talks about the homosexuals, they're worthy of death!"

"And you people approve of that! And that's why you're going to hell! You can turn from your sin. You can turn to Jesus or go to hell!"

Watch this video from Bible Brian, uploaded March 31, 2013.

(h/t: Good As You)