On his radio show Friday, conservative host Mark Levin called for the Republican Party to be completely purged of what he viewed as non-conservative figures.

He noted that Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Mike Shields recently said the party needed to distance itself from "the professional right." The suggestion enraged Levin, who claimed the RNC was targeting grassroots activists.

"The Republican Party, the RNC, needs to be fumigated," Levin said. "Need to get rid of all the cockroaches, clean it out, start new bottom-up top-down with conservatives. They all pretend to be conservatives, but I'm telling you folks, they hate our guts. The feeling is mutually, by the way, but they hate our guts."

He noted two prominent Fox News personalities had recently took positions that many conservatives viewed as hostile. Karl Rove launched an organization to defeat "unelectable" far-right candidates in Republican primary races and Bill O'Reilly described opponents of same sex marriage as "Bible thumpers."

"War on us," Levin remarked. "Karl Rove, war on us. War on the 'Bible thumpers.' War on 'conservative hate radio.'"

He concluded by claiming that intelligent and consistent conservative arguments were always favored by the American people.

Listen to audio, courtesy of Media Matters, below: