The Elvis impersonator who was freed on Tuesday after being cleared of sending ricin poison to President Barack Obama and other government officials gave CNN a sample of his talents with an impromptu performance of a Randy Travis song.

CNN host Chris Cuomo concluded a nearly 30-minute interview with Paul Kevin Curtis and his attorney, Christi McCoy, on Wednesday by asking the performer how he would continue to earn a living after being falsely fingered for the ricin-tainted letters.

"It can destroy you or it can thrust you into the lime light," Curtis explained. "I've seen pieces of television shows where someone was taken from their home and falsely arrested or something happened and no one knew who they were. They might have been a lawnmower repairman, and the next thing you know, they are in Washington performing for the president. You know, so this thing could flip and I could become the next best thing since sliced bread."

"I could get a record deal and publish my book and take my kids to Disneyland," he added. "You know, that's the way that I'm looking at it, from a positive standpoint."

At that point, Cuomo asked Curtis for "a little taste" of his performing skills.

Taking the hand of his lawyer, who he had called "Perry Mason on crack," the Elvis impersonator launched into a rendition of Randy Travis' On the Other Hand.

"On one hand I count the reasons / I could stay with you / And hold you close to me / All night long," he sang. "But on the other hand / There's a golden band / To remind me of someone / Who would not understand."

Watch this video from CNN's Newsroom, broadcast April 24, 2013.