A disgraced former Navy chaplain explained on Monday that Jesus Christ was effectively a "biologist" because he knew that "three women and a dog" can't make a baby.

In a Monday interview, Internet talk show host David Pakman asked conservative former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt if he acknowledged that there was a trend in the United States toward the legalization of LGBT rights, decriminalization of marijuana and support of reproductive rights for women.

Klingenschmitt explained that there was a "polarization" between some Americans becoming more liberal and some churches that were becoming more conservative.

"You only have 15 percent of the middle who are hypocrites, who think, Jesus is cool, but I don't agree with how he defined marriage," Klingenschmitt said. "When Jesus talks about one flesh, he's really being a scientist, he's being a biologist. Because he realizes and he's articulating simple biology, that when a sperm and an egg form together, they match in a zygote and a new DNA is formed and it becomes one new human flesh."

"[W]e're not reading our biology textbooks," the former chaplain added.

"Which were written by Jesus, as you say," Pakman pointed out. "Jesus was a biologist."

"Well, he defined marriage between one man and one women, becoming one zygote, becoming one flesh," Klingenschmitt insisted. "And that's the only way in the next 100 years that humans are going to be able to procreate. If you get two men together and they mate, they're not going to have a baby. If you get three women and a dog together, and they all mate together, they're not going to have a baby."

"The only way they can continue to propagate the gay species, as you put it, is to recruit the children of heterosexuals. So every child who is born on the face of the Earth today is the product of a sperm and an egg, which means they have, at least, a male and a female parent."

Watch this video from The David Pakman Show, broadcast April 8, 2013.

(h/t: Addicting Info)