Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald believes the Boston Marathon bombing last week shined a light on how most Americans think about the world.

In a preview clip published by Moyers & Company on Wednesday, Greenwald noted the country was "glued to the television" after the two bombs killed three people and maimed others.

"It was political because it was infused with all kinds of political messages about Muslims, about radicalism, about what the proper role of the police and the military are in the United States," he explained. "There were instantly these calls for greater surveillance, there was a lock-down of Boston."

“What you could see, in how people were observing, was their political impressions about the world, about their government, about political debates being formed based on the very few incidents that they really pay attention to,” Greenwald added.

"I think that is the reason why incidents like this are incredibly significant in an enduring way because it shapes how people who don't pay much attention to politics regularly really think about the world."

Watch video below:

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