Larry Pratt, the head of the lobbying group Gun Owners of America, recently agreed with a pair of conservative Internet TV hosts who asserted that liberals didn't mind if other liberals were killed in bombings like the one in Boston last week because "they are like the Chinese" and "they got a billion backups."

Creative People's Network host Steve Davis told Pratt in an interview last week that liberals "love guns," but they just wanted to keep them out of the hands of conservatives.

"They just don't want us to have guns," Davis explained. "And they don't care how many of us get killed, blown up, assaulted murdered, whatever, as long as they can control us by taking away our guns."

Co-host Stan Solomon pointed out that it wasn't just conservatives and Republicans that were going to die, "because these people that were killed and maimed and devastated and traumatized [in Boston] were overwhelmingly their people."

"They don’t care, they are like the Chinese who don’t care if they have a million casualties because they got a billion backups," Solomon insisted.

"That’s exactly right," Pratt agreed. "This is mission oriented, they don’t care who the victims are."

"If anything it might be to their liking because maybe they’re thinking that will make the liberals all the more prone to want more control, which plays right into the hands of terrorists and criminals, but then I repeat myself."

Watch this video from the Creative People's Network, uploaded on April 22, 2013.

(h/t: Right Wing Watch)