Raffi Williams, the son of Fox News analyst Juan Williams, has been hired by the Republican National Committee to help the party reach out to black voters.

"It's about making those new connections and getting the support I need," the younger Williams told Buzzfeed. "People are really enthused about it, and that's a nice thing for me. I didn't know what I was walking into exactly but from the chairman on down everyone is so on board with this."

Williams previously worked on Rep. Dan Benishek's (R-MI) re-election campaign and was the deputy communications director for the Republican Study Committee before being tasked by RNC chairman Reince Priebus with helping to the Republican party to both the African-American community and younger voters as part of the GOP's follow-up on its post-election "Autopsy Report."

The announcement of his new position coincides with Williams being featured by Black Enterprise magazine as one of "10 Republicans you probably don't know but should."

"I think it's a slow process," Williams said of the outreach process to come. "If you expect us to get a ridiculous amount of African-Americans in the next election, that's not going to happen probably. But we can start to make inroads, and the more inclusive we are as a party the better optics we get to other demographics as well — not just African-Americans — and that helps us in the long run."