When Kent Hendrix heard there was a potential mugging occurring just outside his home on Tuesday, the Mormon Bishop did was any decent Mormon Bishop would do. He “jumped out, put some clothes on [and] grabbed my sword.”

Forty-seven-year-old Hendrix, a father of six (and third-degree black belt!) thwarted a would-be mugging after chasing the suspect away with his own 29-inch Samurai sword.

“This is what I have for home defense,” said Hendrix, who, according to the ABC News report, keeps the sword by his bed.

Seeing Hendrix running toward him, sword drawn, was the only motivation the would-be mugger needed to scram.

“He dropped his chopstick and he made it to his car and he was getting in,” said Hendrix. “And I just yelled at him, ‘ha! I got your DNA and your license plate, you are so done.’”

The suspect turned himself into police about an hour later.

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