James Yeager, the Tennessee security contractor whose concealed carry permit was revoked in January when the threatened to "start killing people" over gun control, has gotten his license back.

The Tactical Response CEO told Jackson, Tennessee's WBBJ that while he has learned some "valuable lessons" along the way, he feels that his remarks showed Americans "what is going to happen, you know, if things continue down this path" of increased safety measures and regulations.

Yeager released a video on April 10 called "My Carry Permit Reinstated," in which he said that he has become "this pariah, hated by the far left and the far right, but that's okay."

"I get these letters from people," he said to WBBJ, "From these housewives, from these dads, from these soldiers, from these cops that say that I saved their life. That's about the most rewarding thing that I could ever do in my life."

Watch Yeager's new video, embedded below via YouTube: