Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson had his peaceful fly fishing outing in New York City's Central Park interrupted over the weekend by contributor to Howard Stern's show.

The Hollywood Reporter on Monday reported that Joey Boots posted video of his confrontation with Carlson that first seemed like it could become antagonistic before the Fox News host began sharing his tips for catching the big one in the most visited urban park in the United States.

"It's not very good fishing, there are too many people around," The Daily Caller founder admitted. "There are largemouth bass."

Carlson went on to ask Boots, who obviously did not recognized the television pundit, which cable news shows he watched the most.

"My favorite to actually watch news? CNN," Boots said. "I also like Current, Current TV is good. They have a lot of interesting angles. It's very left though."

"Do you like [Keith] Olbermann?" Carlson wondered.

"I like Keith," Boots replied. "He's good. He's not with Current anymore."

"No, he's not," Carlson agreed in a very concerned voice. "Do you watch Fox?"

"I watch Fox," Boots said. "I like to get my news from all over, and then I make up my mind in between all that."

Boots later explained that Carlson had said that he worked in media, but had denied being employed by Fox News or having a Twitter account. Carlson accepted a job last month hosting the weekend edition of Fox & Friends. His Twitter account has almost 130,000 followers.

Catch-and-release fishing is legal in Central Park's Harlem Meer, the Central Park Lake, and the Central Park Pond with a valid New York fishing license.

Watch this video from Joe Boots, uploaded April 14, 2013.