Workers rights demonstrators clashed with white supremacists in the so-called White Student Union during Washington, D.C. May Day protests on Wednesday.

According to CNN, "bags of urine and flag poles" were thrown as skirmish broke out in Lafayette Park between the White Student Union protesters and demonstrators from the group May Day Workers. U.S. Park Police said at least one was arrested.

Video posted to YouTube shows the standoff between the two groups.

"What brought you fuckers out here today?" one May Day demonstrator can be heard asking a white supremacist.

"To oppose you in the name of Christ," the white supremacist replies.

"Hey, hey, ho, ho, fascist scum has got to go!" the May Day demonstrators chant at protesters carrying Confederate flags and other symbols that many consider to be racist. "Bigots go home! Bigots go home!"

"Racist, sexist, anti-gay! Racist bigots go away!" the chants continue, until the shouting devolves into pushing and shoving.

"We were here to protest communism and to stand up for the blue collar working class. And then I got urine thrown on me," White Student Union President Matthew Heimbach told CNN. "So it shows really how tolerant these people are."

Watch this video from jum90, uploaded to YouTube on May 1, 2013.

Watch this video from The Associated Press, broadcast May 1, 2013.

Watch this video from CNN, broadcast May 1, 2013.