Conservative performance artist Glenn Beck on Wednesday compared President Barack Obama to Chicago gangster Al Capone by reenacting a scene from the movie "The Untouchables" and using a baseball bat to beat a tea party activist in the head until he was laying dead in a pool of fake blood.

In a video posted to The Blaze website, Beck is dressed in a tuxedo, explaining that the media should wake up because news that the IRS was targeting tea party groups and that the Department of Justice had seized phone records from reporters proved that his conspiracy theories were true.

"Vengeance is theirs, saith the new lord," Beck says, riffing off Romans 12:19 from the Bible. "And they will destroy the lives of their enemies. It's their M.O."

"It is the Chicago Way," he adds, resting a baseball bat on his left shoulder. "You know what my favorite pastime is? Baseball!"

The camera cuts to a dinner table with various conservative characters -- a man with tea bags hanging from his hat, a man with an Uncle Sam hat, a Founding Father, an NRA member, a Jewish man and a priest -- in staged scene designed to resemble Robert DeNiro's speech in the in "The Untouchables" about the importance about being loyal to the team.

In that movie, the Capone character tells the table that they "can't get nowhere unless the team wins," and then makes a point by killing one of the dinner guests.

But for Beck, the connection is that both Obama and Capone were from Chicago.

"Sunny day, what does he say? That I'm going in there for myself? But I get nowhere unless the team wins," the conservative host remarks in his best Chicago mobster accent before striking the teabag-wearing activist in the head with the bat.

The camera pans out to reveal blood pooling from around the activist's head, and Beck twirling the bloody bat.

Beck has used clips from "The Untouchables" as far back as 2009 to compare the president to gangsters, but this may be the first time that he reenacted a scene from the film.

Watch this video from The Blaze, broadcast May 15, 2013.

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(h/t: Right Wing Watch)