The Florida State Attorney's Office said Wednesday that 16-year-old Kiera Wilmot would not face criminal charges over her science experiment, which caused a small explosion Bartow High School in Polk County last month.

Wilmot had faced up to five years in prison after being expelled and arrested for placing chemicals in an eight ounce plastic water bottle as part of an amateur science experiment.

According to her attorney, Larry Hardaway, Wilmot has already served out her 10-day suspension and is now enrolled in a new school.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the office of State Attorney Jerry Hill offered "diversion of prosecution to the child." Wilmot may have to complete community service or face other community sanctions.

"The pending case has been dismissed. No formal charges will be filed," a statement from the state attorney's office said.

The Polk County School District said it was taking the state attorney's actions into consideration when deciding if the teen should face addition discipline before she is allowed to return to Bartow High School next year.

Watch this video from WTSP, broadcast May 16, 2013.

(h/t: MSNBC)