Famous Star Trek alumni George Takei warned that opponents of marriage equality threaten to destroy society in a 1950s-esque public service announcement published Monday.

The satirical video profiles Dale, a sick and troubled foe of same-sex marriages. Takei notes the Dale doesn't care whether a man and woman get married on a reality TV show or after a drunken trip to Vegas. In Takei's words, "Dale would let any two idiots marry, unless those two idiots are gay."

The thrice-married Dale also opposes same-sex marriage because he believes it will harm the sacred institution of marriage.

"Dale's dangerous opinions threaten to keep over 1100 rights away from gay couples, everything from tax deductions to property rights," Takei explains.

"But that's not the worst part. The most offensive symptom of Dale's ignorance is that he robs same-sex couples of their big gay wedding."

But thankfully people like Dale are continuing to "evolve" on the issue of marriage equality. Takei implores anyone that comes across someone afflicted with the dangerous illnesses to be kind, since the marriage equality foes are likely to be latent-homosexuals and "don't know they're being assholes."

Watch video, courtesy of Funny or Die, below:

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