A BBC radio host who admitted to having a few drinks was pulled off the air during her final show on Friday after she began slurring her words and had trouble working the broadcast equipment.

"For the last time on lunchtime let's ssssssssssay yooou pick the music, oh yeah," Paula White said at the beginning of her 1 p.m. show. "It’s a P-A-R-T-Y because I ssssaid sooooo."

"I'm not drunk, I've had a couple of drinks, I'm not drunk," she later giggled. "I'm sad."

As the show continued, White began to have trouble with the broadcast equipment.

"It's my last day and nothing's working!" she exclaimed. "Why is nothing working? Ohhhhhh!"

After about 30 minutes of the three hour show, DJ Dan Siegertsz announced that he was taking over for White.

"Paula is not feeling well with it being her last afternoon show and has gone home," he explained.

"Paula White was unable to continue on-air yesterday as she was under par," a spokesperson for BBC told Radio Today. "Fortunately Denholm Siergertz was on hand to take over the show and listeners were able to enjoy the usual lively mix of chat and local news."

Listen to this audio from BBC radio, broadcast May 10, 2013.

<p><a href="http://video.news.com.au/2384799604/Drunk-radio-host-gives-a-tipsy-goodbye-show">VIDEO: 'Drunk' radio host gives a tipsy goodbye show</a></p>

(h/t: The Blaze)