A Minnesota Republican state Representative told reporters on Thursday that her "heart breaks" that the state House voted to allow same-sex marriage in that state. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Rep. Peggy Scott (R-Andover) was expressing her dismay that same sex partners might be afforded the same spousal benefits as their heterosexual counterparts.

“My heart breaks for Minnesota,” said Scott, dashing tears from her eyes. “It’s a divisive issue that divides our state. It’s not what we needed to be doing at this time. We want to come together for the state of Minnesota, we don’t want to divide it.”

House Speaker Dennis Thissen (DFL-Minneapolis) was more sanguine.

“All Minnesotans deserve the freedom to marry the person they love and we are proud to take this historic vote to ensure same-sex couples have that right,” he said, referring to the 75-59 vote in the Minnesota State House on Thursday in favor of allowing same sex marriages in the state.

More than 1,000 advocates for and against same sex marriage converged on the state capital on Thursday. The state Senate is set to vote on the question on Monday. It is expected to pass and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is expected to sign the bill into law.

[image via Minnesota House of Representatives]

[hat-tip to Talking Points Memo]