The incoming president of the National Rifle Association (NRA) accused President Barack Obama of a vengeful campaign against gun owners and fellow Democrats during an address at the organization's annual meeting on Saturday.

"Last fall, just before the elections, as community-organizer-in chief, President Obama demanded that his followers extract revenge," Porter said. "I can't remember a president ever publicly using that word against fellow Americans. Revenge is what's motivating the president's unrelenting attacks on gun owners today."

The statement was an apparent reference to the president's Nov. 2 statement at a campaign rally that "voting's the best revenge" after his supporters booed the mention of Republican congressmen.

Porter also said the president's push for expanded background checks on gun sales was motivated by revenge, calling it a "national gun registration" incited by the defeat of the Toomey-Manchin amendment in the Senate.

"What this universal scheme would have done is to make honest citizens do a criminal act," Porter said. "Sell a gun to a good neighbor, just like you would do today, become a felon. And the government takes your guns. But losing in a Senate vote is not going to stop Obama. He's now threatening Democratic senators who are friends of [the] NRA. He will destroy them, if he can."

Porter then called for his organization to support the six senators who crossed party lines to help defeat the amendment.

Watch video, as posted by CBS News on Saturday, below.